Gamat Bay dive site

Gamat Bay dive site Warnakali Nusa Penida PADI

Gamat Bay dive site at low tide

Gamat Bay dive site, a beautiful aquarium

Inside the bay itself, you will find a coral plateau. This plateau is 6 to 8 meters deep (sometimes a little more at high tide), which is convenient for discovery dives. At the end of the bay there is a wall that goes down to 40 meters. On the plateau you can find several coral heads. You can see many nudibranchs, turtles and different types of schools of fish. We even saw once eight marbled rays ! On the wall, in the deeper places, you may meet sharks or even Mola-Mola during the season.

One day we were particularly lucky, we saw 14 Mola Mola! Record to beat ! The interest of this site is to navigate between the corals in order to take full advantage of its diversity. Diving generally takes place from one end of the bay and down the wall to cross the bay. Then we go slowly on the other side of the bay following the slope. This site is for all levels. However, conditions may change during the dive, and pull-out currents to the channel can be pretty violent. The guides must be very vigilant on this site.


Marble Ray Gamat Bay dive site Warnakali Nusa Penida PADI

Marble rays at Gamat Bay


How to dive in Gamat Bay

You can dive at Gamat Bay during a discovery dive with Warnakali or during a PADI certification course with Warnakali dive center or if you are certified during a fun dive with Warnakali


The characteristics of Gamat Bay dive site

Type of diving : photography, macro, buoyancy, for experienced diver : drift dive at the exit of bay.

Depth: 5 to 30 meters

Level required: all levels (with the right guide)

Visibility: 15-30 meters

Current: weak to strong

Access: boat

Fauna and Flora: Nudibranchs, shrimps, crabs, damselflies, triggerfish, surgeons, sharks, turtles, seaweed, sea snakes, Mola-Mola etc …

Best time: All year