Toyapakeh dive site


Toyapakeh dive site is like our home

Toyapakeh dive site is very important to us at Warnakali because it’s a bit like our home. The site is indeed located just down Warnakali dive center in Nusa Penida.

There is a small coral plateau, 4 to 6 meter deep which is also a snorkeling site. After this plateau, there are two terraces. The first terrace is about 12 to 15 meter deep. And the second terrace is around 40 meters deep.

It is a very popular dive site because the water is clear, the coral is rich and the bay, although quite exposed, does offer some protection from the strong current flowing through the strait.

Toyapakeh, a drift dive

Toyapakeh is suitable for all levels of diving, with a good guide. It’s a drift dive and if you have well chosen your dive time you can simply slip in a slight current. It is also necessary to choose the right place to start the dive, according to the direction of the current. And you also need to pay attention to the changes of conditions.

Toyapakeh dive site : perfect for macro

Toyapakeh dive site is very extensive, allowing long-lasting dives, whatever the intensity of the current. It is a very beautiful coral plateau, very colorful.

You will find just in front of Warnakali an area protected by bommies with big gorgonians and soft coral bushes. The bommies create a beautiful structure and the whole area is very rich : schools of different species, soft corals, healthy hard corals.

A little bit further the deep area off the south end of the reef has huge schools of batfish, sweetlips, fusiliers and jacks. We may also meet there a Mola Mola, from time to time, during the season.

But Toyapakeh remains mainly a dive site for macro lovers. You can see crabs, shrimps and nudibranchs. Everyone, from beginners to professionals, will enjoy this dive. We can go there all year. But during the Mola Mola season, from August until mid-October, we may prefer to go where the chances of meeting a Mola Mola are more important, for example at Crystal Bay.

How to dive at Toyapakeh

You can dive at Toyapakeh with Warnakali during a discovery dive, a PADI course dive or, if you are certified, during a fun dive.



Toyapakeh dive site characteritics

Type of diving : drift, macro

Depth: 6-30 meters

Level required: all levels (with the right guide)

Visibility: 15-30 meters

Current: moderate to strong

Access: boat

Fauna and Flora: Mola Mola, turtles, scorpion and stone fish, sea snakes, nudibranchs, barracudas, shrimps

Best time: Diving all year