Marion diving instructor in Bali in pool training at Warnakali dive center

Become dive instructor in Bali

Marion is one of our first guests to become dive instructor in Bali. It is indeed a longstanding history between Marion and Warnakali diving center in Nusa Penida. She tells us how she got back to diving in Bali. And also how she realized her dream of becoming a diving instructor in Bali.

The revelation

I came to Nusa Penida for 15 days in January 2018 after quitting my job in bank industry. I was then a level 2 diver who had not practiced scuba diving for the previous 10 years. By chance (or fate ?), I found myself on Warnakali’s boat with Yan & his team.

But as soon as I was breathing underwater again, I felt those sensations, this addiction : diving was obviously my fate.

When I decide to become divemaster

Back to France, those magical times in Nusa Penida took a part in every single dream I made. I told myself that I could not quit diving again. Then, after long talks with Yann, without thinking too much about it, I decided to take a 4 month vacation to follow the Divemaster training.

That would give me enough time to discover the professional aspect of diving. Those weren’t the 4 easiest months ever and I avoided many traps. But most importantly I also shared amazing moments and I discovered beautiful dive sites around Nusa Penida. An important step forward in my diver’s life. 

Then I decide to become dive instructor

In January 2019, one year after my first holiday here, I’m a certified PADI Divemaster ! As soon as I get back to France, I’m looking forward to following my IDC (Instructor Diving Course). I check the flights even if I cannot not leave immediately, but deep inside me I know that I have something to achieve.

The project really starts to take shape in August 2019, when I do organize myself to follow the IDC. I thought it might be nice to discover a new destination for that adventure, but my heart tells me to go back where everything began, to the dive center that gave me the love for diving again.

When I contacted Yann to tell him about my decision, he immediately offered me to come to Nusa Penida some days before the IDC. To get back into water & to get prepared for it. And may be more, you never know…

Marion in Nusa Penida Bali underwater

Marion diving in Nusa Penida

The preparation to become dive instructor

I’m back in Nusa Penida at the beginning of October, and the Instructor Diving Course starts on the 15th. The reunion is fantastic, the whole team welcomes me. I can feel in their eyes their pride : « our little Divemaster will become Dive Instructor ». That is Warnakali, warmth & good mood. When you get a foot into the family, you don’t get out of it ! I don’t regret coming back here for this new start in a new life.

The first day is just about fun diving so I get my sensations back ! My favorites dive sites are on the menu :Batu Bolong first & Gamat Bay as second dive, a kind of day that I love !

The second day, we have work to do ! Don’t forget that there is an IDC to prepare. I met Jean Mi who just achieved his divemaster and is also willing to become dive instructor. Laughs and diving experiences give rhythm to the days, things are going well.

Getting prepared to the IDC

Yann prepared a big program for us. On the menu : skills circuit as a reminder, a point on the equipment, but above all, the theory. We got a lot of questions and he always answer with that smile looking like « I know you will get there, you are my babies ».

Already 5 days passed, I get all my divemaster skills back. I really love that moment when we get on the boat, setting the gears, with big smiles in the early morning. Nicely enough, the guests are also always curious about what we are going to do during this IDC.

It’s part of our preparation to bring them underwater, follow the instructors, and focus on everything they are doing. We listen carefully all the briefings & debriefings. Because very soon it will be our time to do it. The team is also taking care of us & answering every request we have. Atmosphere is still as good, but stress is growing.

The instructor diving course in Bali

On the 15th in  the morning, we are going to Sanur where the IDC course is waiting for us. We take the boat and look like students shivering while going back to school. Our mentor Yann is with us. He will be here during the course as he is doing his IDC staff in the same time. It is a warm feeling knowing him here, but with Jean Mi, we also know we are not allowed to fail…

3rd of November, we are officially certified dive instructors. A success that we celebrate as it should be ! 

The fist steps as dive instructor

The come back to Nusa Penida, once certified, is even stronger !

After the usual greatings, it is time to start this new adventure. I assist Yann for our first Open water course as a duo. There I am for breakfast, shivering a bit with my slates, wondering if I will be able to deliver. Yann is comforting me, he will be here to support me if anything happens & assure me we are going to train a wonderful new diver.

Swimming pool session 

The swimming pool session is going great, we demonstrate skills alternately, I feel more confortable. I talk a lot with my student and I have that incredible feeling of passing on my love of diving to him while building my own pedagogy. At the end of the day, the debriefing is really positive. Yann is happy of my work and gives me some key advices to become even more efficient.

Marion diving instructor in Bali in pool training at Warnakali dive center

Marion in pool training at Warnakali dive center

Sea dive session

The day after, he tells me that I will be in charge for the sea sessions of this open water course. I am super proud but tell him about my fears. Once again he is comforting me, telling me that I have everything required to succeed. That the swimming pool session was perfect and that he is still here to assist me.

I take my time and do my briefing carefully. My student is really receptive and perform every skills with ease. I realize how much our work in the swimming pool was essential & important.

The four open water dives are going marvelously good. At the end of the course, the student is certified, another happy diver in the big PADI family ready to explore the oceans. We have been a wonderful team together. Yann found the perfect balance assisting me while I started teaching.

I love my new job !

For the first time I realize my new status : I am a PADI dive instructor. Let’s admit I am (very) proud of myself. I love my new job and I’m looking for what is coming next.

Marion diving instructor in Nusa Penida with friends

Marion with first open water guests

The culmination

November is pretty intense, Yann trust me by giving me a lot of freedom. I even got the chance to follow him in Florian divemaster training. It is really rewarding to be able to assist professional course as a new instructor. At the same time, I am working alongside Lander, a divemaster with whom I create a nice relationship and form a great team.

It is comforting & really nice to work with such a team, always with that crazy good atmosphere on the boat. I enjoy more & more to pass on my love of diving to my students. And they feel it as well according to their smiles after each dive.

A month rich in emotions & knowledge for me

At the end of the month, I get surprised by the result : 6 discovery dives, 5 Open water courses (one of them even trust me to follow up with an Advanced open water course). As a bonus, I even performed Lander’s EFR renewal. Plus all the fun dives I guided. What a wonderful start for the young dive instructor that I am !

Yann is always here, helping my development with tips & advices. Since the beginning, he was always present. But he also proved me that I wasn’t his student anymore, but a new instructor full of potential with a nice career forward. I want to thank again a thousand time Yann & every member of Warnakali team. They gave me the opportunity to realize my dream and trusted me during my first steps as a diving instructor.

It is with a rising self confidence & new projects in the professional diving industry that the month of November ends.

Every day I’m celebrating having been brave enough to switch from my bank job to the underwater world !