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PADI diving courses in Nusa Penida, Bali

Warnakali, 5 Star PADI dive resort welcomes you for all PADI diving courses. From the Bubblemaker course for children aged 8 to the Divemaster training for those who want to become professionals.

Introduction to diving for children:

PADI Bubblemaker : Warnakali can organize a party, for example a birthday party, which will remain memorable for your children over 8 years old. They will have the chance to discover scuba diving by blowing bubbles underwater. A first step towards the discovery of scuba diving in an exceptional setting!

PADI diving course Seal Team and Master Seal Team : The idea is not to transform (immediately) your children over 8 years old into Navy Seals. But the point of the PADI Seal Team course is to reinforce diving safety techniques while having fun with children. Young divers have fun in a swimming pool by completing exciting AquaMissions.

Discovery dive in Warnakali pool

In Warnakali pool

PADI diving course : first steps

PADI Scuba Diver : If you are short on time but really want to become a diver, the PADI Scuba Diver course is for you. It is a good alternative to diving initiation, especially if you plan to dive afterwards. This course can also be an intermediate step to obtain an Open Water Diver certification.

PADI certification Open Water Diver : After five dives in the pool and four dives in the sea around Nusa Penida you will obtain the most recognized diving certificate in the world. This certificate will become your key to diving in any diving center in the world.

Nusa Penida diving PADI open water course warnakali dive center pool

PADI diving course in Warnakali pool

PADI diving course : advanced courses

Adventure Diver : This program offers a long list of diving adventures to discover. As soon as you have completed three Adventure Dives you will earn the Adventure Diver certification. The Adventure Diver course is a subset of the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course.

PADI certification Advanced Open Water Diver: You will choose with your Warnakali instructor among the different types of Adventure dives to complete your course. You can for example try night diving, sidemount configuration, buoyancy control and many others. Deep and underwater navigation are compulsory.

deep dive warnakali dive center advanced open water course nusa penida scubadiving

deep dive

Emergency First Response: The objective of Emergency First Response training is to build the confidence of lay rescuers to enable them to better respond to a medical emergency. Course participants learn to follow simple steps to provide emergency first aid.

PADI diving course Rescue Diver : Divers learn how to prevent and manage problems in the water. And it’s always good to learn to be able to help others when needed.

Become a diving professional in Bali with Warnakali

PADI Divemaster Training: For those who love scuba diving. Who want to share their passion with others. And to transform their passion into a profession. Read Arthur’s article on his divemaster training experience to get an idea!

Arthur divemaster training story with Warnakali

Arthur divemaster training

Warnakali diving center can also prepare you for your diving instructor course and exam. If you are wondering about becoming a scuba diving instructor, read the testimonials from two of our instructors. Marion, who tells her journey to become a diving instructor. And Loïc who recounts his first steps as a diving instructor. You will see, their passion is communicative !

Questions about PADI dive courses ?

And if you have any questions about any of these PADI dive course, don’t hesitate to contact us. It is always a pleasure to chat with divers or future divers!